This is an example of the Tarot reading: Will my business be successful?


Card #1 This card represents my business

You can expect propositions and circumstances that you should welcome with open arms. Chances to take on new responsibilities and tasks. Even hear of an unusual positive proposal, often abroad. So your business is in a very lively phase with new possibilities and it's anything but boring. You will get several opportunities to expand your horizon. 

Card #2 This is how I look at my business; my current attitude 

The people you work with are very dear to you. You feel comfortable with them. You are all on the same page when it comes to work. You love your work; this is definitely your passion. You put your heart and your soul into your business.

Card #3 Can my business give me what I dreamed about 

You have big dreams and goals. You are a very hard worker but you lack patience. You find it difficult to accept that big dreams and big goals need time to develop, you want everything right now. Your motivation is huge. The answer to this question is; Yes, your business can give you what you dream about and you would make it a lot easier for yourself if you would learn to be patient.

Card #4 What should be my dominant attitude and intention towards my business

Your dominant attitude and intention towards your business should be an attitude of working hard and not be afraid to learn new things. At heart you are a very hard worker so this should be no problem for you. The card also says to stay curious and always keep an open mind. 

Card #5 Should I continue my business 

This is a definite YES! The card says that you can live out all your creativity in your business. Also that this is something you wanted to do from childhood on.

Card #6 Short-term outcome 

In the near future things will happen that will reveal itself to you. You are not aware of them right now. You are going to listen to your intuition that will lead you and show you each time which way to go. The card we have drawn for you is one of the cards in the Tarot deck that gives protection coming from the universe. There are only three cards in the entire deck that give protection from above. Be patient things will unfold for you very quickly and you will know exactly what to do when you follow your heart.

Card #7 Long-term outcome 

The long-term outcome is also very positive. Every time you will seed new plans, you will have new ideas. The card says that you have no example, your plans are new. You have no teacher who says; do this or do that and this is exactly the way you want it. You will keep working hard and you have a good sense of making the right decisions at the right time and make a lot of profit. The card also says that you can count on clear, tangible and sustainable results.


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