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Start my own business?

Card #1 Your business idea: what can you expect in the near future?

First we would like to say that this is a very exciting phase in your life! We have the 7 cards in front of us and your business idea is completely in sync with what the universe wants from you, the universe wants to work together with you.

So let's see what card number one wants to tell you; what can you expect in the near future in regards to your business idea? We see that your business idea is very much alive in your head and you want to make this reality. It seems that you have to explain your idea to others and you have the feeling that you have to defend yourself, defend your idea. The card says that in reality you don't have to defend anything. You have everything you need to convince others that this is a brilliant idea. Please keep this in mind because otherwise you will waste your precious energy thinking that you have to defend it, and you really don't need to defend it.

Cards #2 and #3 will tell you how you think and feel below the surface, your real thoughts and feelings. It will show you if you have confidence about your own business.

Card #2 What are your thoughts about your own business?

You are aware that you need patience and that you are waiting for the perfect timing to present your idea. You are waiting for this impulse that will tell you exactly when it's time to act. You're not rushing anything, you stay calm and confident. This is perfect.

Card #3 How do you feel about your own business?

You feel that this can be an enormous success. That it will bring you everything you hoped for and more. You also feel that it will all come down to you, this is your idea, you gave birth to it and you know exactly how to proceed with your idea. You feel confident about your idea and you know you have all the talents and skills to make this a success. You also feel that you will be criticized by others, that this is something you cannot avoid.

Card #4 What is your attitude towards the idea of starting your own business?

You are willing to work together with a team to make this idea successful. We feel that you need a team behind you to make this a success. You know this and it will feel for you like taking an exam. And you also know you're going to pass this exam. So your attitude is really confident and you are willing to work with a group because you know that this group is a great part of the success.

Card #5 How you actually should think about your own business? This card will give you a glimpse if your business will be successful or not.

You should think about your business in a very peaceful and harmonic way. It won't give you any stress unless you make it stressful. You have the ability to do all your tasks in a balanced, powerful and confident way. Think about your own business with deliberation and that you are always the still point in the centre that brings everything into balance. The team you will gather around you, has an atmosphere of kindness, openness and harmony.

Card #6 How you actually should feel about your own business

You have every reason to feel extremely happy about your own business. It will be an enormous success and it will give you abundance in every area of your life. We sense that deep down you already feel this and we are happy we can confirm to you that what you're feeling will become your reality! Never let one single negative thought ever enter your mind.

Card #7 How you should act towards the idea of starting your own business

When you feel that the time has come to put your plans into motion, when you feel that sign from the universe that says go; then go for it! Go with full force ahead. Go with a feeling of victory, let your willpower and self mastery shine through all your actions. Be clear towards yourself and others that you are willing to take risks, that you are unafraid to step forward into the limelight. Know that you are on your way to success with great perseverance.

When we add up all cards we have number 14. This means that within 14 weeks or 14 months your idea is visible to the outside world. And not only visible but a great success. Congratulations!


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