This is an example of the Tarot reading:

Quit my job Yes or No?


Card #1 The situation; this is what it's about 

You go against your feelings. You choose to make opposite decisions of what your heart is telling you. It can be a temporary situation or you have to make decisions in your job that go against what you feel.  

Card #2 This is what I actually want deep down in my heart 

You actually want to leave. Your job has given you a lot in the past, maybe financially or you learnt a lot and you've grown, but now you feel you want to follow your heart. There seems to be a higher calling that you want to pursue.

In the outside world your higher calling isn't visible yet and so this gives you a feeling of uncertainty. Not sure if you should leave behind that what once meant a lot to you. 

Card #3 This is what my mind, my brain tells me about the situation 

The card says that you do feel secure in your current job and that you make a lot of money. You dislike change and that's why your mind/your brain will do anything to keep you where you are now. 

Card #4 What happens when I stay?

When you stay, you will change the feeling that you are going against what your heart is telling you, into a phase of quiet waiting. You wait until you have more clarity about your higher calling that you feel inside of you.

The card says that clarity about your higher calling will come to the surface naturally and it also seems that you are going to work with television, radio, books and newspapers etc. These are all related to your higher calling.

Card #5 what happens when I quit my job? 

When you decide to quit your job you will enter a phase in which you will feel stuck. You will feel stagnation and it will feel as if your higher calling feels further away from you than ever.

When we add up all the cards in your reading we come to the number 5 so this means that within 5 weeks or 5 months you will have more clarity about your higher calling when you stay in your current job.

When you quit your job it will take 5 weeks to 5 months and then realise you're stuck. The cards give a very clear answer that it is best for you to stay, even though you have to go against what you feel at this moment. Clarity is on its way and the cards advice to wait with making a decision right now. Your higher calling will become clear to you.

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Quit my job yes or no?