This is an example of the Tarot reading:

My job doesn't fulfill me


Card #1 -  This card represents your job

The card says that at this moment you feel stuck. Over the last year you felt like nothing you did changed the situation. Everything you tried to do was a dead end street. For you it seems like there is no way out. The reading says that there is definitely a way out.

Card #2 - My roots: why did I chose this job?

The card says that you have chosen this job because in the core of your being this is your higher calling. It makes you feel positive, happy, alive and full of energy. We feel you belong there and that you found your place in this world.

Card #3 - How can I enjoy my work again?

You have many options, actually a lot of different choices. The card says you have difficulty picking one option or several options. Some of the options seem far-fetched to you. The card says; they are not far-fetched. Once you have looked at all the pros and cons of all the options, you will end up with three directions and you can combine these three different fields. All three are in the same work area. We also feel that because you have all these options you get confused. Take your time to listen to your heart and pick the options that make you feel happy when you think about them. Take your time, don't rush anything. You can do this.

Card #4 - The things I cannot change in my job

The things you cannot change in your job is that this is really the work you love to do. You really feel that you found your place in this world and that you feel 'at home'. And you are actually very good at what you do! You feel blessed that you have found a job that doesn't feel like working at all. We feel that it also pays very well.

Card #5 - Is it better to look for another job?

This card says yes, you can look for another job but it won't give you what you have right now. Another job, another direction will make you feel almost depressed. You will feel uncertain and scared that you don't know where you're heading.

Card #6 - What are my hidden talents, talent that want to come to the surface?

The things that want to come to the surface: your ability to just step in and try new things in your current job/workfield. You are not scared of trying new things and you have a positive attitude. Your glass is always half full and not half empty. If it works out your happy and if it doesn't work out you think; well at least I gave it a try, I gave it my best. That's the best approach to anything new. You are also willing to learn. You don't see yourself as someone who knows it all.

Card #7 - If I decide to change jobs, will I find another job easily?

Yes, you will find another job very easily, hardly without any effort. So that's not a problem. You should really think about; do I really want to change jobs or is this temporary phase something I can solve when I choose the direction that makes me the happiest in my current job?

Card #8 - Will my work life improve?

Yes, it will improve but the card emphasizes on the fact that you have to stand your ground. Not towards others but towards yourself. You are the only 'enemy' you have, so to speak. You have to fight your own battles, make choices and then your work life will improve.

When we add up all cards we get the number 9. This means that within 9 weeks or 9 months, your work life will improve and also number 9 is the number of the Tarot card The Hermit. The Hermit is a card of looking for the answers in yourself and finding your inner guidance. This is THE theme for you at this moment becasuse it came up three times in this reading. When you start to look within yourself, what you want and what makes you happy, you can break free from the feeling of feeling stuck and find your happiness in your work life again.

It's not that your job doesn't fulfill you, it's having so many options to choose from within your work field. That makes you confused at this moment and you think; if I change jobs I will feel fulfillment again. But the fulfillment is already there.

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