This is an example of the Tarot reading: How does my boss, employees or colleagues see me?

Andy asked us his question about his company. He wrote he has 50+ people working for him and he wants to know how his employees see him? He was very pleased with our reading and gave his permission to post it on our website.

Card #1 My current situation in the company 

You feel lonely in the company. You achieved a lot but somehow you can't or won't see what you already accomplished. You look at your mistakes, or maybe the mistakes your employees made. Or both. This card isn't a happy or cheerful card. You carry lot of burdens on your shoulders and you worry a lot. 

Card #2 How do I see my employees?

You see your employees as a challenge, a group demanding a lot from you. They don't demand the impossible of you. You feel you need to show them your strenght. Sometimes you can clash with one or more of your employees but it never ends in bitterness or war. You solve any issue and at the same time you learn from every situation.

Card #3 How do my employees see me? 

Your employees see you as a reliable, successful and active man who turns everything he touches into gold. They see you as someone who finds oppertunity everywhere, competent, dependable and responsible. They rely on you and they feel that you encourage them. They feel you are steady and you pursue your goals.

Card #4 What can I do to get along with them?

Show them, or keep showing them that you are the leader and that you will lead them to victory. Give them the feeling that they are number one and that without them, there wouldn't be a victory. And that you feel proud of them all. 

Card #5 Things I cannot expect from them 

Your employees are comfortable with the way things are. They dislike change, especially big changes. You can not expect flashes of new ideas from them, or expect ideas about a better way of doing certain things. They follow you and what you say. You also won't have to expect strikes or other disruptive challenges or situations from them. 

Card # 6 What is bothering me?

You have the feeling it's the same situation for way too long. You feel stuck but you don't know what to do next. You doubt if you should change. You doubt a lot. You let your head rule your heart, your intuition. It's obvious you are not very happy at this moment in regards to your company. Card #1 talked about you worry a lot and this card says that you have many doubts. It's bothering you that you can't seem to move foreward, you crave change. So let's see what the short-term situation and the long-term future will bring you:

Card #7 Short-term situation

It looks like you are going to listen to your intuition. The card says that you are going to use creative outlet (especially listening or playing music). When you use your other side of your brain with being creative, you stop the circle of negative thoughts. Answers you were looking for but were unable to find, come to the surface.

Card #8 Long-term situation

The long term situation talks about lots of movement, ideas, new contacts and all in rapid speed. We are certain that you will no longer feel stuck with all this good movement around you and coming your way. Maybe circumstances around you weren't able to move yet because it was too early for whatever reason. The Universe has perfect timing. And this can explain your feelings of being stuck and unhappy. Not able to move ahead in whatever successfull direction you want to go. This is going to change. You can expect this movement within 8 weeks or 8 months. 

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