Psychic Tarot Card Readings and Predictions

Professional and Certified Tarot Card Readers

We are professional and certified Tarot Card Readers and teachers and we all work with the Rider Waite Tarot card deck. During a Tarot reading we use our clairvoyance and psychic abilities. Over the years we developed our own card spreads. Spreads and readings that provide clear answers to your questions. Our readings are to the point, accurate and honest. We enjoy to interact with you and help you on your lifepath. We don't give phone readings, all readings are done by email. We take our time for every reading and we find it very important to do a reading when we feel that it's time for the reading. We are long-term colleagues and also long-term friends.

Personal attention 

Connecting with your energy and giving personal attention is what makes our readings unique. We are human beings connecting with other human beings and help them on their path. It's fun to do free Tarot card readings with a computer; that the computer draws your cards but we connect with your personally. When we see the spread in front of us, laying before us on our desk, the cards speak to us... they come alive and tell your story to us. So you won't find a flashy website here because that is least important to us. The only thing that is important to us is that we give you clear answers to your questions, personal contact through email and let the Tarot cards speak to you. Our focus is on you. 

Tarot Work, Career, Finance and Abundance

We offer Tarot spreads on finance, financial questions. In the Rider Waite deck, the pentacles cards represent finance, money, wealth or poverty. We can do a Tarot financial spread, a Tarot layout for money. If you have a question about real estate, we offer a property Tarot spread. Can you expect happiness, abundance and financial windfalls? Do you want to know how your business will develop or your career? Will it be successful or do the Cards give a warning about your goals or people you work with? A business/career success Tarot spread will tell you everything you need to know. The Tarot cards provide clear answers. You can also ask the Tarot how you can achieve inner and outer wealth.

Tarot Love

Tarot card predictions about love. Tarot yes/no questions. If you are single we offer love Tarot card readings for singles, a Coming love Tarot spread or a Future love Tarot spread. Also a Tarot Finding love spread or Tarot Find your soulmate spread. If you are dating someone we can do a Love Tarot; What is he or she thinking or Does he love me Tarot spread. Do you want to know if your ex partner will come back to you yes or no?

Tarot Spiritual Guidance

Tarot cards go deep into the subject and your question. That's why you can also ask the Tarot cards for spiritual guidance. You can ask the Tarot how to develop your psychic abilities. How to lose weight. What does your body wants to tell you? Why don't you feel at home in this world? How you can increase your self confidence? The Tarot Card reading: Dance of Life will tell you about your work, lovelife, health and finances.

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Our team of psychic Tarot card readings and predictions: Monique, Jessie, Robert and Nancy - we are your personal certified Tarot readers.